Shouldn’t talking so much

From I was young until now, I am always so much talking. When I read a blog of Darius I just realize that “Yes, You shouldn’t talk so much. It’s a full of shit and the person who so much talking is a fool people”.

I’m every love talking, I can talk overnight with a high energy. I feel like a lot of stimulators when I talk relentlessly. It was awesome. And I’ve had many other all-night long talks with friends, girlfriends, family, about almost everything (except for the news, politics, and religion—those subjects I always avoid).

Talking really stimulates my mind. And deep conversation is like sex for the brain.

But here’s thing: Too much talking is bad habit for two reasons.

1.Talking Keeps Your Ears Closed

Absolutely right! When I was with friends, or during meetings, or even at the dentist — I always had something to say. But when you talk too much, you don’t listen. You only listen to your own voice.

But Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame coach, put it best:

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions and listen the answer ”.

Too much talk is also a sign of immatureness and a lack of emotional intelligence. Why do you always want to speak? It’s often when you feel insecure and want to show other people how smart or capable you are.

But the opposite is true in the eye of others. If you try too hard, it will come across as fake.

“Talk less. Ask more. And listen more.”

2.Talking Keeps You From Doing

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Right here, I’m have a lot of thing to do in my work but I don’t do yet. I just list it out.

Ambition is great. And so are goals. I love to meet people who are working on their goals.

But you know what’s better than talking about things? Doing them. So fucking do it!

When you’re in bed, what do you think about? Do you think about crossing the finish line of the NYC marathon? Or, do you think about tomorrow’s training session?

You can apply that analogy to everything that is going on in your life. Do you think about buying the car? Or do you think about what you’re going to do tomorrow to earn the money you need to buy that car?

It’s the difference between focusing on the reward vs the process.

Talking about doing things is almost as real as doing them, right? When you think about doing things, and tell other people about it, your brain starts to believe it.

It becomes real in your mind. But you and I both know that it’s not real at all. So don’t fool yourself.

Want success? Talk less. Do more.

Yes, I don’t do it yet at all. But I will try my best to ask and listen more.


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