What’s true power?

Recently, I meet my friend – who are my best friend but we don’t often meet together. In this coffee talk, we chat and share a lot about ourself. I relize that my friend had a noticeable changes in herself. Specially, she speak English well which she is bad in the pass. She speak confidently in English and she make me big supprise when sharing to me a lot interesting story of her friends – it means foreign friend in over the world.

I can believe in that. So amazing. She told me about her story when she travelled in Campodia “alone” and made some friends from Germany, Indian,.. She becomes a wise girl. She told “I was inspired by that friends a lot”. Great, Foreign friends ‘s story is really inspiring even I just hear about them through her. They are active person and they don’t accept any rule in themselves. I they don’t have deadline for their life and don’t care of onyone else. All of them tralled over dozens of countries in the world. So great, right? Most of Vietnamese people cant image that as me. LOL…

When I see my friend and hear her story, I feel shame so much bout myself. About 6 months ago, I and her set our target in English to speak influently, then we find the way to do that. She have a terrible pronunciation, maybe impacting by her local voice. But now, she almost finish her target, have a lot foreign friends but I’m not. I still same, or somewhat worse than before.

My feeling at that time is shame. I ‘m a lazybum and indiscipline. *Cry a river* . Honestly, I have a chance to review myself and try more for the next time. Everyone can do anything when they want and have determination enough.

That’s right. I got out some lesion from her. Actually, It ‘s so meaningful for me and anyone like me.

Firstly, That’s concentration. She worked hard for 6 months without learn anything else, no relax,… only learn English and English. She focused almost her spirit and her time. She share “ in frist time, retricting all of thing can distract you so difficult, but she determine to do and try”. she have to disactive facebook for 1 first month because she doesn’t want it distract her.

Secondly, That’s hard. You have to work hard. It’s a clear truth in the world: “Nothing is easy to done”. It requires you have a high determination and discipline combine with your rock spirits.

Thirdly, Shouldn’t care of anyone else except you. In that time to until now, she doesn’t seem to care of her friend lifes, don’t update… only focus on her way and her work.

Finally, She dares to do and takes action. These are the most important to make a results.

So, Why do you fail in my target? I don’t focus. Yes, You distract a lot from others: my work, my project, my meeting, … heaps of thing I have to care and of course, sometime overload, I will loose my English. Sometimes I know but my brain can control myseft to do that. Brain always wants to make it comfortable. I relized that the biggest challenge in ourselves is OURSELVES. We have to try control ourselves and our emotion. That needs a grand power and If you can control yourself best, you have a true power.

In next time, about 2 weeks, I will share a note for “how to write well”which a article I find from a author. I think he always write naturally in his article and his books and I will do follow him to improve my write skill. Btw, I always willing to receive all of comment for my mistakes in this note.  Thanks a lot.